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Amazon’s Kindle Is Redefining The Future Of Publishing

Why Amazon Kindle is leading the future of publishing

How can a simple Kindle e-reader have been the driving force behind so much change and innovation, globally, over the past ten years?

Unlike our ancestors, modern entrepreneurs are not trudging through endless fields, or scaling virgin peaks, or building houses from materials hewn entirely by their own hands.

There is no wagon train filled with pioneer men and women, babes in arms, being jostled about for weeks or months on end, ready to gamble on everything in their quest for new horizons.

No longer are there patches of land free for the taking. The givers asking only that you plant your roots in that soil, and raise your family, your crops, and your hopes inside its boundaries.

Travel The World From The Comfort of Your Own House

For today’s entrepreneur, fearlessly carving out a new path for him or herself, the word “boundaries” refers to the limits of computer processing speed. Or how many signal bars are available to a cell phone from the comfort of one’s own couch. Or how much space remains on the new 32GB memory card purchased just last month.

The Internet has become the portal to the future and product branding has become our guide. Electronic screens woo us away from the sunshine with a promise of immediate transport into the great unknown of cyberspace.

This is only the beginning, especially for readers worldwide.

Amazon continues to add to their fleet of Kindles, sending those devices out to the far reaches of the planet.

They’ve proved their publishing ingenuity extends far beyond the simple ebook. Their fearless, nimble thinking is fueling an extraordinarily swift expansion into offshoot markets. For example, Audible, ACX, Cloud, Createspace, a New York imprint, and Amazon-branded brick-and-mortar bookstores. They really pioneers. What I wonder is whether or not I want to follow where they lead?

Kindle and Amazon Continue To Alter Reader (and World) Experiences

Upon reflection, it occurs to me that Amazon needs a new slogan. Something like, “We come in friendship. We come in peace.” Otherwise, global citizens might misinterpret their goal as world domination.

For all these advances, there is one absolute advantage the old pioneers had over our modern world. Though photographs may haunt our thoughts and videos may open our imaginations, there is, in the end, no experience equal to being someplace in person. “Traveling” the world, or relationships, through a device is not the equal of an in-person experience. It never will be.

So, Amazon, until you invent the Scotty Kindle – a futuristic device that can beam me right into the story I’m reading – you’ll remain second to the only creation that makes any of this relevant in the first place: the humans.

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