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There Is Money To be Made in Self-Publishing. So Make It.

Earn income through self publishing trades.

Q: How would I define the self-published author?

A: Four parts fearless, three parts writer, two parts entrepreneur, and one part dreamer — with a sprinkle of pioneer spirit thrown in for good measure.

While self-publishing a novel does begin with the work of a writer, it is actually a business. A small business. A start-up business. A messy, complicated, time-absorbing business, located in uncharted territory, offering up no guarantees of any kind.

That’s where the fearless part comes in.

The continued and steady growth of the ebook market is a recognizable indicator that our tireless, irrepressible American ingenuity is on the loose again. Lovely.

For those ready to wade in the waters, all signals show there are profits to be made.

Major opportunities are exploding in every direction, and are by no means limited to the act of writing a novel. A strong percentage ( maybe an overwhelming majority?) of self-published authors are combing online resources, looking for small businesses and sole proprietors who provide the following services:

  • Cover Art
  • eBook Formatting
  • Copy Editing
  • Story Editing
  • Translation Services
  • eBook Reviews on Blogs
  • Marketing Services

And the newest categories:

  • Audio Book Narration
  • Video Trailers for eBooks

Are you a graphic designer? Do you “speak” html? Are you bilingual? Are you an editor? Do you have one of “those” voices? Are you actively looking for new opportunities? Ready to start-up your own small business?

This is the time.

J. A. Konrath, the biggest thing to happen to the self-published community since the advent of the ebook, is a reliable and entertaining starting resource. Enjoy!

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